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The number of elderly is rising faster than ever before and will only speed up. By 2040 the global population will see 1 in 10 people being diabetic and more with other long term conditions. With this comes a tsunami that will devastate every public health system on earth with resources stretched to breaking point.

Starting Wellnostics came from a number of projects that I have been involved in throughout my career in both Bluetooth Technology and the Foot Health industry. I witnessed first-hand that far better patient compliance and outcomes resulted when the patient was empowered in the beginning and fully involved in understanding their condition and, in turn, self-managing it over the long term.

That's why we at Wellnostics are on a mission to empower everyone we come into contact with. We want to encourage children, parents, grandparents and companies to take control of their health, through the use of constantly developing personal smart diagnostic technology.

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